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What to Expect When Working With Me
I partner with you, my clients, on your journey toward abundant health. My passion is teaching you how to listen to your body, educating you on nutrient dense foods and showing you how to fit them into your lifestyle.
The 3 main components of your journey are:

  1. Making Wise Food Choices
  2. Digesting and Absorbing Your Nutrients
  3. Avoiding and Removing Toxins
We focus on whole foods. We look for foods that provide the most
nutrients. That may mean learning new ways to prepare foods to
fully access their nutrients.
Good digestion is crucial because even the most perfect diet cannot help you, if you cannot digest and absorb the nutrients. So we work on ensuring you have great digestion.
In today's world, our soils have been depleted, toxins surround us and our food supply has been adulterated. It will come as no surprise that many of us need help supporting our body's detoxification system. We work with you to avoid environmental toxins when possible, use nutritional cleansing to safely eliminate built up toxins from our systems and stress the importance of de-stressing.
Our partnership work begins with a review of your health goals. 

If you are interested in more energy, feeling better, losing or gaining weight, improving your athletic performance or simply in healthy aging AND you do not have any serious digestive or other health issues, then I would recommend starting on a easy-to-follow scientifically designed and independently studied superfood program with nutritionally supported intermittent fasting as an option.  You purchase the superfoods and supplements directly from the company and while you are active on the program, there is no additional cost for my coaching and support.

On the other hand, if you prefer to be a private client, our work begins with six 1-hour consultations spread out over approximately 4 months.

Here are more details on what being a private client entails:

During the first consultation we thoroughly review your health history,
your current diet with a 5-Day Food Journal and set goals to track your
progress. At this initial consultation I want to know your story.
What are the issues that drew you to a nutritional therapist?
How do you feel about your current health?
What would life be like if you reached your health goals?

What have you tried in the past?  What worked?  What didn't?
How ready are you to embark on this journey?
We meet on a regular basis, starting every 2 weeks then increase to about once a month. It can take a while to implement a change and see results.  We keep your health goals in mind as we decide on step-by-step changes to your food choices, food preparation, supplementation and lifestyle. Every change is based on your biochemical individuality.
You will also fill out a comprehensive 300+ symptom questionnaire and create a list of your current supplements and medications.  I now offer lab tests when appropriate, in particular a comprehensive stool test to determine the current state of your digestion and your gut microbes.  Other tests include looking at food sensitivities and adrenal function.
At times, I will perform a physical examination using a combination of two complimentary techniques. The Energetic Nutritional Assessment Technique (ENAT) utilizes energetic testing (muscle checking). The Functional Evaluation uses a series of palpations performed on specific points on your body to test for tenderness or pain. I am asking your body's innate intelligence "How close to optimal are your organs working?" & "What are the nutritional priorities today?". By learning how each point feels, I can prioritize which nutrients you need to bring that organ back to optimal function.
At the end of each session, we will decide together what are the couple of changes you are willing to implement before the next session. At the beginning of the next session we will review how easy or difficult it was to implement those changes, and make adjustments accordingly.
No matter which program you select, at regular intervals we will assess how well your goals are being met and make adjustments accordingly.
Are you READY to embark on a journey to abundant health?
CONTACT me for your complimentary 15 minute phone chat or to set up your first consultation.  Call (360) 510-5962 or write to me via email .